Big Woods [The Hunting Stories of William Faulkner] (First Edition)

Big Woods [The Hunting Stories of William Faulkner] (First Edition)

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Big Woods [The Hunting Stories of William Faulkner]
198, [14] pp. 8vo. ' "The Bear," "The Old People," "A Bear Hunt," "Race at Morning" - some of Nobel Prize-winning author William Faulkner's most famous stories are collected in this volume - in which he observed, celebrated, and mourned the fragile otherness that is nature, as well as the cruelty and humanity of men.'Keywords: LITERATURE AMERICAN WILLIAM FAULKNER

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already a better woodsman than you or me either and in another ten years he’ll be as good as Walter.” At first he couldn’t believe it, not until Major de Spain spoke to him. Then he was up, on the one-eyed mule which would not spook at wild blood, looking down at the dog motionless at Major de Spain’s stirrup, looking in the gray streaming light bigger than a calf, bigger than he knew it actually was—the big head, the chest almost as big as his own, the blue hide beneath which the muscles

Before he could see it and almost before he could see the water he had to leap from the tilting wagon, still holding the reins, and work around to where he could grasp the bit and then the ear of the plunging sound mule and dig his heels and hold it until Boon came up the bank. The rope of the lead horse had already snapped and it had already disappeared up the road toward camp. They turned the wagon around and took the mules out and he led the sound mule a hundred yards up the road and tied it.

of railroad iron, a sound loud and heavy and not rapid yet with something frenzied about it, as if the hammerer were not only a strong man and an earnest one but a little hysterical too. Yet it couldn’t be on the logline because, although the track lay in that direction, it was at least two miles from him and this sound was not three hundred yards away. But even as he thought that, he realised where the sound must be coming from: whoever the man was and whatever he was doing, he was somewhere

apparently swallowed up. The surrey would be waiting, his cousin McCaslin and Major de Spain and General Compson and Walter and Boon dismounted beside it. Then Sam would get down from the wagon and mount one of the horses and, with the others on a rope behind him, he would turn back. The boy would watch him for a while against that tall and secret wall, growing smaller and smaller against it, never looking back. Then he would enter it, returning to what the boy believed, and thought that his

which appeared, with his reluctant consent, in a much cut version in 1929 as Sartoris. LIGHT IN AUGUST A novel about hopeful perseverance in the face of mortality, Light in August tells the tales of guileless, dauntless Lena Grove, in search of the father of her unborn child; Reverend Gail Hightower, who is plagued by visions of Confederate horsemen; and Joe Christmas, an enigmatic drifter consumed by his mixed ancestry. THE REIVERS One of Faulkner’s comic masterpieces and winner of a

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