Haunted North Alabama:: The Phantoms of the South (Haunted America)

Haunted North Alabama:: The Phantoms of the South (Haunted America)

Jessica Penot

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1596299908

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Nestled in the scenic foothills of southern Appalachia, in the center of the Tennessee Valley, North Alabama is known for its natural beauty. Peppered with antebellum mansions and historic homesteads, it is a region rich in history, brimming with a unique cultural heritage. Yet amidst the beauty of these rolling hills and historic features, something dark lurks below the surface. The haunted spirits of the past run as wild as the Tennessee River through North Alabama. Join author and Huntsville resident Jessica Penot on a terrifying trip through the chilling destinations of a region teeming with ghostly activity. From Florence to Huntsville to Albertville and points in between, Haunted North Alabama offers a broad survey of the history of haunted destinations in the upper regions of Alabama. Packed with over twenty haunted locales, Haunted North Alabama is required reading for anyone interested in learning about the history of the phantom spirits that call the heart of Dixie home.

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the time the depot was used as a prison, the prisoners occupied themselves by decorating the walls with graffiti. That graffiti still remains, covered in plastic, as a reminder of the men who spent many long days imprisoned in the depot. When the war ended in 1865, the Union soldiers abandoned the depot and left Huntsville behind. Huntsville wasn’t the same, however. The war took its toll on the entire South, and Huntsville and the depot were no exceptions to this rule. The Memphis and

say that William has been unable to let go of the house he loved so passionately in life. They say that even in death he remains in his home and that he intends to remain there forever. One Tuscumbia resident described the Winston House as the location of many walking ghosts. She said that on dark nights, white-clad figures are said to float and rise through the air. She says that there is a white lady in the house that can be seen walking up the stairs and that these phenomena are only visible

and a feeling of being ill at ease. I traveled to the cave on a beautiful spring day. In order to reach Russell Caverns, you have to take a short hike from the visitors’ center to the mouth of the cave. Although there are park rangers in the museum, there are no guides in the cave. The rangers are very helpful and friendly. They will talk to you about the history and show you the artifacts that are displayed in the museum. When you walk to the cave, however, you are alone. The forest is

within, reaching out to all those who will listen. THE TUTWILER HOTEL The Tutwiler Hotel is gone. Its graceful form no longer adds to the beauty of the Birmingham skyline. Its shadows no longer darken the streets, and all those who have stayed there have been lost in history. The Tutwiler was imploded in 1992 to make room for a bank, and like many things in Birmingham, Alabama, it was lost to the pages of history. Birmingham, Alabama, is a city built from fire. In the early parts of

of women can be heard. The gentle sweeping of phantom skirts can be heard brushing against the hard pine floor. You can hear a piano playing funeral music, and if you go to the front of the house, you can see a funeral process gliding down the darkened staircase in the waning light of night. If you follow the procession, you can see the entire funeral. You can see the young Patton’s coffin in the dark and walk through the ghosts of his mourning family. The Civil War brought much sorrow to the

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