Love Lessons from the Old West: Wisdom from Wild Women

Love Lessons from the Old West: Wisdom from Wild Women

Chris Enss

Language: English

Pages: 120


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From Calamity Jane’s relentless pursuit of Wild Bill Hickok to Emma Walters, who gave it all up for the dashing Bat Masterson—and learned to regret it, these romantic stories from the Old West are still familiar and entertaining to readers today. Meet Agnes Lake Hickok, the intrepid wife of Wild Bill Hickok and learn about the last love letter he sent before being dealt the dead man’s hand. Learn the story behind the charming performer Lotta Crabtree’s heartaches. And discover the tale of the dashing Kit Carson and his beautiful bride. This collection features the lessons learned by and from the antics of the women who shaped the West.

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have a place to get a drink. Lotta retired from the theater in 1891. A fall on stage in Buffalo, New York, prompted her decision to leave the acting profession at the age of forty-five. All of her energy was diverted to the administration of the charities she had established. She and her mother retreated to a summer cottage on Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey, that she named Attol Tryst (Attol is Lotta spelled backward). It was a gift from mother to daughter but built with Lotta’s money. It was one of

Carson had joined an expedition traveling to Yellowstone and Bighorn and could not take the child with him.13 Once again Carson encountered problems with Native Americans living on the land. The Blackfoot Indians were so desperate to get rid of Carson and the other mountain men with him that they set fire to the dry grass and brush around their camp. Carson managed to escape the blaze and continue on with the venture. Between 1826 and 1842, Carson was a part of more than a dozen organized treks

charred fire-brand on a piece of board, it read Wilson’s Hotel.”21 Within six months of opening, Luzena had earned a substantial amount of money, and the Wilson’s Hotel had earned the reputation of being the best on the route from Sacramento to Benicia. Mason supplied the variety of meat Luzena served to her boarders. Elk, antelope, geese, pheasant, cattle, and bear were all on the menu at various times. On April 21, 1851, the Wilsons were able to purchase two hundred acres of land along Alamo

from the soldiers and camped in the Sierra Madre Mountains, Geronimo taught the youngster how to be a warrior. Geronimo and his adopted son defended themselves and their camp from US and Mexican troops hoping to overtake them.18 After more than a year on the run, the Apache fugitives were desperate to see their families and relatives again. This prompted Geronimo to surrender on September 4, 1886.19 An article that appeared in the July 2, 1886, edition of the Spirit Lake, Iowa, newspaper, the

Pennsylvania and New York together, gang members confined themselves to locales in the West. On February 1, 1901, Etta and Sundance posed together for a picture at DeYoung’s Photography Studio in New York after having made a purchase at Tiffany Jewelers. Sundance bought Etta a gold lapel watch. On February 20, 1901, the husband and wife boarded a ship bound for Buenos Aires, Argentina; there they met up with Butch Cassidy, who had gone ahead of them to secure a ranch for the three to live and

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