Sexus: The Rosy Crucifixion I

Sexus: The Rosy Crucifixion I

Henry Miller

Language: English

Pages: 506

ISBN: 0802151809

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The first book of a trilogy of novels known collectively as "The Rosy Crucifixion". It is autobiographical and tells the story of Miller's first tempestuous marriage and his relentless sexual exploits in New York. The other books are "Plexus" and "Nexus".

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her what happened since I ran away, but she put her hand over my mouth and in a low husky voice she begged me not to tell her until we got home. Then, still holding her hand over my mouth, she said: ‘You’re married, aren’t you?’ I nodded. ‘I knew it,’ she murmured, and then she withdrew her hand. The next moment she flung her arms about me. Kissing me wildly, she sobbed the words out – ‘Harry, Harry, you should never have treated me that way. You could have told me everything … everything. You

he knew his friends’ weak spots. Undoubtedly he did – it’s not such a difficult thing to do. He kept alive the weaknesses of his friends in order to bolster the sense of his own superiority. Any improvement, any development, on the part of a friend he looked upon as a betrayal. It brought out the envious side of his nature … In short, it was a vicious treadmill, his whole attitude towards others. The accident had not essentially changed him. It had merely altered his appearance, exaggerated what

that she had contracted a disease. She didn’t realize at first what it was, because it had announced itself in the beginning as a bad case of hemorrhoids. Lying on the wet ground had done that, she averred. At least that had been the doctor’s opinion. Then came the other thing – but she had gone to the doctor in time and he had cured her. To me, interesting as this might have been, considering that I was still concerned about the ringworms, another fact had emerged which transcended it in

created. Arthur Raymond listened to this impatiently. Finally he cut in, swinging round on his stool, and playing with two hands as he spoke. He had a fresh cigarette in his mouth and as he ran his fingers up and down the piano the smoke curled up into his eyes. He was trying to work off his embarrassment. At the same time I felt that he was waiting to hear me open up. When Ed Gavarni informed him that I was also a musician Arthur Raymond jumped up and begged me to play something. ‘Go on, go on

place. I began to menstruate. I menstruated from every hole in my body. When a man menstruates it’s all over in a few minutes. He doesn’t leave any mess behind either. I crept upstairs on all fours and left the house as silently as I had entered it. The rain was over, the stars were out in full splendor. A light wind was blowing. The Lutheran church across the way, which in the daylight was the color of baby shit, had now taken on a soft ochrous hue which blended serenely with the black of the

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